Biggest FSN Pool EVER!

Join the Biggest Pool, and earn the highest rewards among ALL Pools!

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We currently reach 12% of total network FSN Staked(Total 13m FSN Staked)!

Total FSN Staked in our Pool

Joining Our Pool is RISK FREE!

  • FSN breakthrough technology allows token to be separated into “usufruct” and “ownership”.

  • Simply send 3 months time locked FSN to the POOL, DONE!


Compounding rewards! For compounding your rewards, you will need to mine 5000fsn in order to buy a new ticket for lottary.

The bigger the pool, the faster to mine 5000fsn to buy a new ticket. We mine 5000fsn in just 3 days, so compounding your rewards in 3 days!

We offer the pools for the community, and for YOU!

Pool 1:
Rewards distributed every 60days
(You can request to distribute rewards earlier. Please dm @gn1733388@real )

8% Fee

Time lock Period: 3 months
(You can request to cancel staking anytime, please dm @gn1733388real )

No Minimum FSN requirement

Pool Address:

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FSN Staking requires 30days FSN or longer to buy a ticket for lottary. So 3 months staking means you can stake for 2 months.

If you want to continue staking, send us another 2months time lock at least to the pool before the start of third month, to make your time lock more then 30days.

You can send ANY amount of time locked FSN to the pool. 

Hot Spares

We are the first pool to implement hot spare solution, ensuring highest uptime.

Nodes that dont have hot spare will be at risk and affecting your rewards significantly.

How to Join Our Pool?

We are the most transparent pool. You can send us time lock FSN, and check real time rewards instantly! 

  • Check the pool address and time lock date on . You can also send a longer time lock to the pool.

  • Open your wallet on and click “Send/Time lock assets” button

  • Enter pool address and the number of FSN you want to stake. Click “Now to Date” and select an appropriate time lock date and send asset to the pool. Done!

Visit our LIVE Mining Pool